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Toyota Passo (History and Introduction)

The idea of both the companies was to develop a subcompact vehicle that would be ideal for everyday use. Besides, it should appeal to female drivers and is preferred by small families as their first car.

The 5-door hatchback car combines Daihatsu’s small car development technology and Toyota’s vehicle planning manufacturing knowledge. Due to its low turning radius and good storage space, Passo car sales are on the extreme in Pakistan and especially in Islamabad.

Passo Car Generations

Ever since its launch in 2004, Passo has undergone very few changes. A total of three generations have been launched i.e. first lasted from 2004-2010, the second was launched in 2010 and ended in 2016 whereas the last (and present) generation was introduced in 2016.

1st Generation Passo :

This generation car had a body length of 3595mm, a width of 1665mm, a height of 1535mm, and a turning radius of 4.3m. It offered both 1.0 liter and 1.3 liters, models. The former engine comprises 3-cylinders water-cooled engine with around 70 brake horsepower (BHP); whereas, the latter consists of a 4-cylinders water-cooled engine with a little over 88 BHP. However, both engines are equipped with dual cameras.

2nd Generation Passo :

The second-generation Passo had identical dimensions as that of the 1st generation. However, the length of this car is a bit longer than the previous one i.e. 3640mm – 3595mm. Moreover, the 1.3 liters engine was upgraded to a dual VVT-I engine that produced energy of around 94 BHP. Besides, this time all cars had a continuously variable transmission (CVT) gearbox. Also, vehicle stability control (VSC) and transaction control (TRC) were introduced as additional options.

3rd Generation Passo :

This generation of cars consists of only a 1.0 liter 3-cylinders 1-KR-FE engine. And exist only in one front-wheel-drive layout.

Toyota Passo Specifications


passo car

Toyota Passo is a fairly modern-looking car and with its classic design, it is here to stay. The clever thing about its design is that the car designers knew what they were designing; a nice, small family car!

No excessive cuts and edges, minimalistic look, no big gaping mouth, massive oval headlights, and flared wheel arches make it one of her kind. As a whole, the car finds a nice balance between boxy Wagon R and bubble Vitz shape.


passo car

The interior of the Toyota Passo is a blend of classic and contemporary. It is simple yet elegant. A simple layout with enough storage spaces, basic operational buttons, AC vents, and head unit in the middle, gearbox, and speakers on the side make up the interior of this car.

The seats are made of a lighter shade of fabric while the rest of the interior is a two-tone of brown. Besides, it comes with a wireless key and electronic power steering.

passo car

Passo Body Colors 

Toyota Passo comes in a wide range of colors thus buyers can choose from this range as per their likes. The list of the colors in which Passo car can be purchased is mentioned below; 

  • Magenta Berry
  • Mica Metallic 
  • Lemon Squash Crystal Metallic 
  • Dark Emerald Mica 


As mentioned before, Passo is a perfect blend of cuteness and strength. The engine makes enough power to drive the car. Therefore, do not expect it to be blazing. Besides, initially, it may feel a bit slow but with time it will gain speed. It can do 0 to 100 km/h in mere 15 seconds.

The car is ideal for urban driving and is extremely fuel-efficient. Moreover, brakes are good and A/C also works well. As far as the comfort and handling of the car are concerned, consider Passo as a big sofa on wheels. It consists of two benches; one at the back and the other one in front since the gearbox is mounted on the dashboard by the steering wheel.

The seats can be folded and moved forward as per your choice to make a bed or a large sitting area. Even at a high speed of 100 or 110 km/h, it remains calm and poised. Overall, it is a fairly comfortable car with excellent performance.

Passo Fuel Economy

Toyota Passo is considered an extremely fuel-efficient and economical car. The official fuel efficiency number claimed by Toyota is 27.6 km/l. Furthermore, its engine provides optimized performance concluding better suspension results. It is already a low-maintenance car but lower fuel consumption reduces the maintenance expenses even further.

Passo Car Sale in Pakistan

Passo is one of the most popular cars in the automobile market in Pakistan. It is one of the hot sellers due to its simple, compact, and fuel efficiency specifications. The price range of this car depends on mileage, variant, model, and year. However, it lies between PKR 1,155,000 to PKR 2,980,000.

In the automotive market, the buyers and sellers of cars can be found easily. Besides, its auto parts are also easily available since they are the same as Vitz.


All in all Toyota Passo is a great car that ticks all the basic yet important features of a car. Especially, if you are looking for your first family car there is no better option than Passo. It is nice, comfortable, compact, safe, and budget-friendly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Can Toyota Passo be considered a luxury car?

Toyota Passo is a nice, small car really amazing for new drivers and small families but it does not come under the category of luxury cars. 

What is the most purchased color in Toyota Passo Car?

When it comes to the color of a car, just like the rest of the world, Pakistani users also prefer white color. Therefore, the white Toyota Passo has the most purchases out of all the colors. 

Do Toyota Passo has cup holders?

Yes, Toyota Passo do have cup holders. 

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