All generations of Suzuki Alto in Pakistan

Suzuki Motor Corporation launched the Suzuki Alto car initially in 1979 that caught a lot of attention by customers and car-lovers. You may also be very conscious about the upcoming Suzuki Alto 660cc in its latest model that was launched by Pak Suzuki in 2019. It is not the very first generation of Alto car but a part of the debut to the ninth generation.

Suzuki Alto has been liked by the Pakistani buyers who travel in limited areas of residence. Alto latest, of 660cc, is a smart car that generally people purchase to visit in residential areas. It also costs not more than a hundred rupees to go to local areas because of its lower fuel consumption. In comparison, other vehicles of 1300cc and 1800cc can prove very expensive. Suzuki Alto can also be driven to farther areas, yet the petrol consumption is low, and the car is very comfortable. Thus, you save your money with Suzuki Alto. Let’s have a detailed glimpse of different models and generations of Suzuki Alto from the first generation (1979) to the ninth generation (2019).

First Generation of Alto

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The very first generation of Alto was Alto (SS30V/40V), which was introduced in May 1979. It was of three body styles that were 3-door, 5-door, and 3-door van style. The engine 796cc F8B was exported into markets of different Suzuki platforms. It was also available in Pakistan from 1982 to 1988 & was launched as “Suzuki FX.” The 5th generation Alto is even today seen on roads in Pakistan.

Second Generation of Alto

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The second generation of Suzuki Alto Cars was manufactured between 1984 and 1988 that contained a 796cc F8B engine, with a leaf spring suspension setup known to us as “Suzuki Mehran or Suzuki Fronte.” It has three types of transmissions;

  1. 4/5 speed manual
  2. Two speed automatic
  3. Three-speed automatic 

This generation Alto was sold for more than 30 years. It is replaced with the 8th generation Alto. China produces it even today and assembled in different countries like Pakistan, China, and Japan. It is beautifully designed and mechanically prepared. It has low fuel consumption.

Third Generation of Alto

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It was the last generation alto car with the front model. Later on, the body style changed with minor fluctuations in the next generations of Suzuki Alto. Third generation (CL11), also called Daewoo Tico or Autozam carol, was produced during 1988-1994 with a 657cc F6A engine. It appeared via a yellow cab scheme in the very early 90s. Third generation style was more angular in its body shape. It was popularly known as “mini alto” in Pakistan. It was significantly sold in number, especially during its timely generation.

Fourth Generation of Alto

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Suzuki Alto HA11 was the fourth generation Alto that appeared in 1994 and supported 657cc F6A and 658cc K6A engine. It was aimed at Suzuki Company to create a fantastic basic car. It has power steering, A/C. ABS, Audio system. It was 3/5 door hatchback and 3-door van in body style. This generation’s Alto is very comfortable to drive and travel in. This generation of Alto was the first one to get an optional airbag. This generation was not present in Pakistan; instead, it was a trendy car in other countries.

Fifth Generation of Alto 

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The fifth generation of Suzuki Alto (HA12/22) for sale was launched in October 1998, and, after a few years, it was also available in Pakistan. The 5th generation Alto was obviously modern in the engine and its look. It was also known as Chevrolet Alto and Mazda Carol. This generation’s Alto was known as “Maruti Alto” when India built it. Indian-built ‘Maruti Alto’ was launched on 27th September of 2000 in the aboriginal markets of India. It is India’s best-selling car for more than a decade. This generation contained the UK’s version of the car as well. This Alto generation was of 970cc F10A engine. ABS and power steering were not present in the 5th generation, yet it had Air conditioning system. It was sold in many countries till 2012 and was performing best for people. It was with minor changes in its engine or body parts when reproduced in yearly versions of it. This generation was stopped producing in 2012 when Alto was not capable of continuing with the carburetor setup.

Sixth Generation of Alto

Sixth Generation Suzuki Alto e1508309645811

The HA24 or Sixth generation Alto was initially presented in 2004 with some changes in comparison with the previous generation. This Alto is seen in a high number on roads in Pakistan and other countries because of its reliability and better manufacturing. The 6th generation Alto encompasses the ABS, FM radio, Airbags, Air conditioning, and USB/Auxiliary cable. It was produced until 2009. Sixth Generation’s Alto is known as Mazda Carol or Nissan Pino in Japan. It is a 5-door hatchback in body style with curvy headlamps and bonnet at the forefront. It has a 658 cc K6A engine.

Seventh Generation of Alto

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HA25 or 7th generation of Alto has a stunning look and was first introduced in 2009 that had been debarred from production in 2014. It has a better exterior look than previous versions and generations of Suzuki Alto. It is equipped with variable engines like 658 cc K6A, 658 cc R06A, and 998 cc K10B. It was the first Alto car to have been attributed to an Ene-charge or hybrid system with an electric motor and a lithium battery to have regenerative braking. It is also called “Mazda Carol” and is a 5-door hatchback in its body style.

Eighth Generation of Alto

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Eighth Generation Alto was produced in Japan firstly in 2014. That is the ongoing generation by now. It is known as “Mazda Carol.” The 8th generation Alto is usually seen on the roads of Pakistan in the Himalayan number. It is a 5-door hatchback in body style. It has power steering, airbags for security and safety, power windows, ABS braking system, Air conditioning, and heating system, and four adults seating capacity. This generation of Alto was manufactured using “Suzuki Green Zone Technology.” It is produced with an idea of the lowest fuel consumption for higher routes. This generation’s Alto is not heavier than its previous model and contains a 658 cc R06A engine. It is assembled in both Pakistan and Japan now.

The 9th generation of Alto Suzuki is still offing. Currently, Suzuki is in the 8th generation that was introduced back in 2014. Suzuki’s all ages of Alto are significant and variable in its manufacturing and style. Yet, you can buy at very reasonable rates according to generation and model.

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