Audi A5 Year 2016 to 2021

Audi is august for modeling the blend of athletic, influential, slouchy luxury cars. This German automobile company is smudging the roads of the world with its novel and contemporary motorcars. The body ilk and remarkable idiosyncrasies under the shell of its various models are being admired by the people for a century. Audi A5 is also among them. With having coupe, sport-back, and convertible body type, A5 can be deemed as the lord of 4 rings. This compact executive car enchants multiple neoteric features along with a stylish shape that can make you sink in love at first sight, undoubtedly.


Audi A5 is at hand in divergent models around the globe, but hereunder are few customary models prevailing in Pakistan;

audi 2


Mercedes-Benz C-Class and BMW 4 Series are tending to be the rivals of Audi A5 and in most of the segments; Audi is competing them very successfully.


Audi A5’s price starts from $41,800 for internationals shoppers whereas domestic buyers, Audi A5 price in Pakistan in 2021 starts from PKR 8,375,000.


All the base models of A5 share the same but high powertrains. Their engine makes 248 horsepower and 273ft-lb. of torques with 2.0 liters turbocharged 4-cylinder. The muscular S5 and RS5 tote more potential to move your car fast and furiously with its 349hp turbocharged V-6 and 443hp twin-turbocharged V-6 engines respectively. The best part of Audi is that they provide all-wheels drive as standard in their models, which is known as term “Quattro”. While A5’s rivals lack this streak.

Audi A5 Engine

Another best part of choosing Audi is that they make their cars eco as well as environmental friendly by fixing hybrid batteries under hood in most of their models. You can enjoy the ride on them in surplus of diesel and patrol imbuing system.


Audi A5 is loaded with manual as well as automatic gear shifting programs. Moreover, it has 7 speed twin-clutches S-Tronic and 6 speed manual with a Multitronic gearbox that can change the speed so smoothly even without being noticed

Audi A5 transmission



This gem of Audi can leave everything behind like blazes. With its Quattro drivetrain, Audi A5 can shift your lickety-split from zero to 60 miles per hour in 5.6 seconds only and can touch its maximum speed of 130mph. Over and above that, you can enjoy multiple driving modes in coupe, cabriolet, and in sport-back according to the road conditions including Comfort, Dynamic, Auto, Individual, and Efficiency modes. In essence, A5 can tweak itself as you crave it too.

Audi A5 Performance Specs
Gas Mileage City/Hwy23/31 mpg
Body styleCoupe, Convertible, Sport-back
Trunk Volume9.3 ft3
Fuel Tank Capacity58 litters approx.
Combined Fuel Economy26 mpg
Horsepower248 @ 5000rpm
Torque273 @ 1600rpm
Brake Type4-wheels Disc ABS
TransmissionAutomatic with manual mode
Audi A5 2021 in Pakistan


Audi A5 is up for grab in underneath staggering colors;


Audi A5 Exterior Dimensions

In Audi, the most significant motivations can better feel rather than seen. Audi A5 is made up of 3 body types: Coupe, Sport-back, and Cabriolet which is also known as convertible. None of these is less than others. Coupe and cabriolet come in 2 doors and sport-back comes in 4 doors entry. Convertible can turn into a covered coupe with the black foldable hypnotic roof. The fore-end of each A5 buttresses a large grille with air in-letting shafts. What’s more, the front and rear of this compact car are adorned with led and laser lights that enhance its magnetism.

Audi A5 Exterior Dimensions

Audi A5 is 54.5 inches tall and 184.9 inches long. With front and rear widths of 62.5 and 61.7 inches respectively, its wheelbase has been measured 108.8 inches. The computed curb weight of this motorcar is 3979 pounds that make it run on the tires of 245/40 R18 encompassing 18 inches of aluminum wheels.

Audi A5 Exterior Dimensions

The exact, yet streamlined motif lines of Audi A5 keep up a sensation of velocity on the edge of its contour, similar to hustling driver looking for the ideal way. Etched bumpers and catholic posture exhibit its potent capacities.  In short, every inch of A5 has enough artistry that pilfers the hearts.

image 10


The German A5 manifests the allure of pragmatism from the inside. All models of this compact come with up to snuff leather upholstery, 8-way power-adjustable seats, 7 inches infotainment screen, athletic steering with multiple driving features that have been crafted for the ultimate pleasure and comfort not only for the driver but for passengers as well.

Audi A5 clasps teensy-weensy yet snuggly lounge interiorly. Coupe and cabriolet seat 4 riders and sport-back seats 5 in total. Entry and exist is simple for the front travellers, albeit back seat tenants need to slip in behind flipped-forward seats, as it anticipated from a two-entryway roadster. Sport-back A5 holds panoramic acoustic sunroof.  You will look futile for wobbly or low-lease plastic in here, or whimsical haptic.

Audi A5 2021 Interior Pakistan

Furthermore, Audi A5 has plenty of engaging traits including ambient lights, bin pockets, navigation system, 3-zone climate control, multi-speaker audio, smartphone interface, and much more.

Audi A5 2021 Interior Pakistan
audi 3
Audi A5 Exterior Dimensions


As per Audi’s manifesto, protector-ship comes as standard. By stuffing sundry safety features, such as seatbelts, parking assistance, airbags, emergency call, theft alarm notification, first aid kit, electronic stability, rest recommendation system, and so on, A5 can let you enjoy the ride with optimum tranquility.

Pros & Cons


  • Mouth-watering appearances of every of 3 models
  • Robust engine options
  • Eminent safety traits
  • Excellent fuel economy in a compact car


  • Choked rear lounge
  • Bit pricey

Which Trim You Should Go For?

Since all the Audi A5 models carry more or less the same base attributes, for example, strong engine, Tronic transmission, top-class upholstery, infotainments, it wholly solely depends upon which look you prefer. If you want to have a family-friendly car then sport-back is the model for you as it seats 5 passengers in it. But for the athletic experience for your own self, you may choose convertible or coupe as per your persona.

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