Best Commercial Vehicles in Pakistan [Detailed Guides]


Pakistan is a growing economy when it comes to the automobile industry. In recent years, there has been an impressive development in public and commercial vehicles. Not a lot of people are aware that 90% of trucks seen running on the roads of Pakistan are assembled in Pakistan.

In this article, we will discuss in detail everything about commercial vehicles in Pakistan.

What are Commercial Vehicles?

A commercial motor vehicle as the name indicates is one that operates for business, commercial, and corporate purposes. The vehicle is responsible for carrying products, passengers, and merchandise.

Generally, people consider big tractors and trailers as commercial vehicles. But little do they know even standard small pickups towing a trailer could be a commercial vehicle depending upon their weight.

Some of the most common types of commercial vehicles found in Pakistan include;

  •  Tractors
  • Trailers
  • Tippers
  • Pickups
  • Busses/Vans
  • Garbage Trucks

Commercial Vehicles in Pakistan

Some of the most commonly found commercial vehicles in Pakistan are discussed below;

1. Tippers

commercial vehicle in pakistan

Tippers are commonly known as dump trucks. They are mostly used for transporting materials for sectors such as industry, construction, farming, etc. Besides, materials, for instance, dirt, gravel, cement, and demolition waste can also be carried by this commercial vehicle.

A standard Tipper truck features an open-box hinged at the rear and front hydraulic rams for lifting. Due to their huge sizes, tippers can carry a large amount of material which gives the edge of making fewer trips. Moreover, they are cost-effective and excellent for large workspaces.

2. Trucks

Trucks are heavy-weight commercial vehicles used for loading and transporting cargo, goods, and special payloads. Due to their size, configuration, and power they provide the advantage of loading and unloading stuff easily.

In addition, they offer frequent, flexible, and door-to-door service. Trucks have further kinds including mini trucks and tractor trucks.

commercial vehicle in pakistan
  • Mini Trucks These lightweight commercial vehicles are used for mini-freight businesses. They are mostly used for intra-city light cargo services such as postal services and home deliveries.
commercial vehicle in pakistan
  • Tractor Trucks – These kinds of trucks are also called trailer trucks since they are a combination of two units; a truck and a trailer. A fifth wheel (hitch) combines the trailer (unpowered unit) with the truck (powered unit).

 3. Pickups

commercial vehicle in pakistan

Pickups are extremely popular among many markets around the globe. It is a lightweight motor vehicle with an open-top rear and is mostly utilized for delivery purposes. Pickups are versatile utilitarian vehicles that come in various sizes and shapes and possess the best safety features.

4. Transit Mixers

commercial vehicle in pakistan

As the name indicates, this commercial vehicle is used especially for construction purposes. It consists of a drum and a rotating blade that guides the solid (cement) and liquid (mix material) state supplies to the destination.

Transit mixers are time-saving vehicles i.e. they can transfer more material in a shorter time period.

Commercial Vehicle Producing Companies in Pakistan

1. Daewoo

This name needs no introduction in Pakistan. Daewoo bus service is the most popular and appreciated service in Pakistan. Passengers like traveling by Daewoo buses due to their quality service and affordable fares.

In Pakistan, this South Korean bus producing company was introduced by Afzal Group in 2007. The company produces high-quality trucks but unfortunately, they are not yet introduced in Pakistan.

2. Hino

Hino is a Japanese commercial vehicle producer that operates in Pakistan as well. Hino buses and trucks are both equally popular in the country. Hino trucks are the most common and can be seen in traditional avatars throughout the highways in Pakistan.

3. Dongfeng

Dongfeng is one of the top four auto-manufacturers of China that operates under the Gandhara Group in Pakistan. The company produces different sizes of trucks and a variety of buses that are utilized as public transport.


ISUZU is a leading Chinese brand that once again operates in Pakistan under the Gandhara Group. The company produces buses and trucks that can be easily witnessed on the roads. However, their buses are less successful than trucks in the country.

5. Forland

This commercial vehicle manufacturer was inaugurated in November 2018 by Prime Minister, Imran Khan. It produces buses and trucks and supplies them throughout the country. Forland recently launched an epic T5 pickup truck that gained popularity in a short time.

6. JAC

Gandhara Group is yet again the owner of JAC. This company is typically famous for producing more trucks than buses. Their large-size pickup is one of the most sold commercial vehicles in Pakistan.

7. FAW

FAW commercial vehicle manufacturing company is owned by Al-Haj Group in Pakistan. The company is capable of manufacturing midsize and large size trucks throughout the country. However, a few years ago FAW launched their car in the automobile market that gained a lot of attention from the customers.

Some of the other lesser-known commercial vehicle manufacturers include Daimler Fuso and Renault Trucks.

Commercial Vehicle Sales in Pakistan

As per commercial vehicles sales data, the purchase of commercial vehicles has increased in the last two decades. The average sale during 2005-2020 was 27466 vehicles with minimum sales in 2009 and maximum in 2015 i.e. 17259 and 47457 commercial vehicles respectively.

As per the latest records in 2020, 20042 commercial vehicles were sold in Pakistan.


Thus, the blog gives a deep insight into commercial vehicles in Pakistan. Besides, it highlights some of the leading commercial motor vehicle manufacturers of the country as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between a commercial vehicle and a personal vehicle?

A vehicle is characterized as a commercial or a personal vehicle on the basis of its use. For instance, if Ahmad owns an SUV and uses it to go for work, shopping, or traveling then it is termed as a personal vehicle. But if he utilizes the same SUV to haul materials to the work site then it will become a commercial vehicle. 

What is the difference between heavy-weight and lightweight vehicles?

Vehicles that are used for loading materials for construction, agricultural, and manufacturing equipments and weigh over 10,000 pounds are termed heavy-weight vehicles. Whereas, small cars that have a weight of fewer than 10,000 pounds are known as lightweight vehicles. 

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